Trade Fair Design

Organization of a trade fair is a complex project. You are required to deal with logistic matters while having to coordinate with the exhibitors in the trade fair, prepare signs, take care of designing the place, make the directory and countless other matters. A great concern of running a fair is the design aspect, in fact – almost any of the fair’s organizational matters has to do with design eventually. If you had found a designer who is able to handle trade fair design – consider most of your problems solved. Usually, a trade fair takes place in a gallery spotted with booths and stalls, in which different businesses display their products or services, to achieve both marketing and business goals. Make no mistake – those goals do not exempt you from the need to design the location, or that the design should be done solely at the booths themselves – trade fair design has a lot to do also with its general frame, which is the show’s territory and space.


Trade fair’s arena

Trade fairs usually take place at a large gallery, where the participants can display their merchandise. Participants usually take care of their own booth’s design (trade show booths design), but the organizers should think of the bigger picture – the show itself has it’s own branding, and there are a few things to consider:

  • Type of visitors to the show. It is important to take in consideration who are the people who are about to attend the show, and adjust it’s general design according to the type of the audience. For example – we all know there is a huge difference in the design of ornament fairs, compared to a one of medical or agricultural equipment fairs.
  • Smart distribution of the display area. There are multiple and diverse booths at the show, each of them requires to be allocated with its own display territory – and it has to be done wisely. At the end of the day, the exhibitors pay the fair organizers by their booth area, which creates multiple booths each with its own unique measures. Those details should be taken into consideration – it is most necessarily a designing issue, the order of the pavilions eventually affects the general look of the show and its atmosphere.
  • Logistics needs. Trade fair design should also include the logistical needs of both the arena and the exhibitors. Flow of goods and equipment in and out of the show should not interrupt the fair running it’s course.
  • Entry and exit. The complex of ways in and out of the show usually is a constant factor that does not depend on the designers and organizers of the show. Nonetheless, it is still an important factor to consider while designing a show and deciding where to place the booths.
  • Interior and exterior signage. Trade fair design includes also signage at the show. The signage has to fit the show’s type and help direct the crowd – whether it is a welcome sign at the
  • entrance or directory signage, which helps the orientation of the crowd.
  •  Flow of the audience. Trade fair design takes into account the psychological characteristics of the audience, for example that people tend to start everything from the right side. The booths has to be placed considering the required aisles and routes, so the visitors will not miss a thing.


Trade fair design – Renascence Design

The need of looking at the bigger picture requires you to work with knowledgeable designers who had experience in trade fair design. Here in Renascence Design, we have the knowledge and experience needed to carry out large scale design projects. We had experienced designing fairs both for the local and international audience. Approaching a design project, we think of the small details and the larger scale issues of the show’s course of events, whilst considering the needs of both exhibitors and organizers of the show. A successful fair begins and ends with a successful design. We believe a great design should get the audience to the right mood, a pleasant mood serving the purpose of  closing deals with potential clients. Do not organize a show without us!


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