Stall Design

Stall design

Multiple businesses are using stalls, whether as the concept of the business (coffee stalls at train stations for example) or for PR purposes, as a booth at a trade fair, presenting the business’ products and services. Stall design is one of the most interesting fields of design, bringing alongside several challenges that require woking with professionals – designers who are familiar with the field. Stall design has two major challenges: first is the necessity in functionality which will take into account the size and location of the stall and second, is setting the stall at a foreign design area.


Stall design – functionality necessity


The stall has to exploit the area available to it at the best way possible. They are usually small and ought to fulfil their set function perfectly despite the limitations. If we are talking about an ice cream stall for instance, it has to obtain enough space for the fridge, service tools and of course the cash register, however sill maintaining its visual attraction. Besides, incorporating different elements such as a fridge, drinking machine, heating equipment, computer or any other object required for the stall operation demands the designers to have great creativity.


Incorporating the stall at the environment


Approaching stall design, we cannot suffice the notebook sketch alone, without considering the surrounding environment where the stall is bound to work. The physical conditions of the environment, such as whether the stall is located in a building or outside at the open, certainly affects on the stall’s design and choice of material. Stall design has to take into account the environment not only because of the physical conditions, but also to be visually incorporated in it (or to contradict it, if it is the goal). At Renascence Design we have vast experience in stall design for various tasks; whether it is a service stall, subscription seller or food and drinks stall – we always offer the best suiting design solution which allows the stall to follow its purpose, altogether with serving the marketing and branding goals of the business. We master creating personalised solutions and setting stalls for any purpose.


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