Shops Design

At past times, making large investments to a shop’s design was not a common behavior – the design was supposed to support the basic needs of the shop. Nowadays it is hard to imagine the guidelines of the past could ever work, since shops have to stimulate customer’s need of buying. In order to make that happen, a shop needs particular high level design. Modern shop owners understand that design is an integral part of the shopping experience and when a costumer pays for a product he bought at the store, he pays for that experience as well. Shops design draws attention – a well designed store will attract people passing by it, making some of them enter just out of curiosity, probably ending up buying a thing or two since they had already entered. That probability itself is a reason to invest in the shop’s design.

Shops design – a broad spectrum of styles

Shops design might sound to you as a single niche of the entire design field, although in our point of view, it is a vast domain which consists of multiple niches. There are different types of stores and each one has its own needs and design requirements. Stores can differ from one another in various ways: You can distinguish between them by the merchandise type, for example – a grocery store selling fruits and vegetables compared to electronics store; Large stores compared to small shops; Luxury stores and cheap shops; Stores for a spastic audience – Children, the elderly, pregnant moms, tourists etc… A design for car accessory store will differ from a design of a jewelry or clothing shops. Each of them is a niche in itself.

Custom design language

Approaching a design project one needs to understand the store’s character and uniqueness. The designer has to know which products are sold by the shop and the type of customers interested in these products. That way, the designer is able to speak the design language appropriate for the shop’s audience. A store that speaks the right design language, which serves it’s branding, will naturally attract the right costumers (those who have the highest conversion potential). Our designs decorate the store with a unique character, one that stands out among other shops. The store’s design is an integral part of the shopping experience – a pleasant and intriguing interior design allows the customer to experience the same things. If you think a customer judges the store solely by it’s products, you are mistaken. The stores first impression on a customer is it’s design, which is later attributed also to it’s merchandise. Talking about the shopper’s experience, we tend to relate to the visible one alone. Nonetheless, the same experience is also influenced directly by the store’s design, the ease of orientation and getting around in it, the accessibility of its products as well as convenient payment points where you will be able to close the deals quickly.


Designing stores by Renascence Design’s method

Fashion stores, food stores, gift shops and store design of all kinds in general, is our specialty in Renascence Design. We will take care of all the design details for you, all the way from furnishing the store, display stands and storage solutions, to lighting, signage and any other designing detail at the shop. Whether the shop is located in a shopping mall or in a city street, we will always work to give it a striking presence design, which will attract all eyes and customers. Approaching a store design project, we set the goal as creating not only a pretty and aesthetic looking shop, but a increasing the shop’s revenues through it’s design. Beauty and aesthetics are solely side effects of a purpose serving design. Here in Renascence Design, we aspire to create a design which will inspire keeping both the shop’s space and products in harmony. We believe the designed space was made to add up to it’s products, and to allow presenting them to the clients in the most possibly attractive way.

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