Trade fair design

Trade fair booths design
Renascence Design specializes in design and production of built pavilions in fairs around the globe.
Our team has a young, dynamic and creative way of thinking. The mutual work is all about dynamic brainstorming, creativity, awareness to small details and paying full attention to the customer’s needs and requirements. We support our clients throughout the entire process, starting with the creation of design concept, through graphic design, all the way to the pavilion’s production by the most rigorous international standards.
The professional trade fairs are an old and traditional industry, one which continues to develop till these days, using as an important tool for business marketing. Trade fairs have always been operating as means of marketing, developing and changing over the years. The global growth rate of fairs range from 3%-10% per year. At these kind of shows, all of customer’s senses are triggered, which increases their affect on him.
• Trade fairs are the only place where the buyers are able to compare immediately between the vast variety of equipment and products offered by manufacturers from all over the globe.
• A professional fair is a great opportunity to observe the launch of innovations, which are usually waiting to be introduced to the world at trade fairs.
• Trade fairs held abroad are an opportunity for the marketer to better know his opponents and their offered merchandise.
• Trade fairs are a relatively cheap means to introducing products to the market, since the customers are coming to see your products, and not vice versa.
A company enjoys global exposure, which also grants it powerful reputation and a strong, international image. A good example for that matter are companies registered in Germany – 30% of their marketing expenses are used for participating in trade fairs. Thus, trade fairs are the first in the marketing line, prior to other marketing means as television, radio and press. German medium sized manufacturers (200+ employees) tend to spend more that 1.5 million euro on trade fair participation, exhibiting 3-5 times a year both in Germany and worldwide.
As company owners, if you wish to position your company, you can learn how to participate in trade fairs in the following websites:

There you’ll find useful information, as well as how to matchmake properly – create a bound between the visitors and the exhibitors before the show. This is an extremely important element for both exhibitors and visitors, being a marketing platform that allows strengthening their bounds. It also used as a motivating factor to meet at the fair and negotiate about the product, having it at the background.
At Renascence Design, we focus on product’s image at the commercial sector, on the marketing campaign, the customer’s requirements and the message he wishes to convey. The customer enjoys the benefits of working with one coordinating figure throughout all the stages of the project, while receiving a comprehensive design, setting and construction solution, all within schedule. We work with the best of professionals at any given field (carpentry, construction, electricity and lighting). The planning process of each project starts with definition of the customer’s needs and wishes, afterwards carried out as detailed and precise as possible using the latest technology. We will be there with you throughout the entire project, from it’s very beginning till it is completed under international standards and with a competitive price. All you will have left to do is set up your products and respectfully represent yourselves at an important exhibition.
Out company specialises in the following design fields:
Construction of exhibition pavilions
Setting up exhibition pavilions
Producing exhibition pavilions
Trade fair design in Israel and abroad
Trade fair design
Modular pavilions design
Modular pavilion construction
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