Office Design

Office Design is much more than just hanging some pictures on the wall and putting together a few chairs for a sitting area. Office design is an entire concept that has to meet three goals, simultaneously working under a defined budget. The three goals are:
1. Pleasant working environment for the employees: an office design can create your employees, who spend long hours at the office, a pleasant working environment which will give them motivation to arrive at the office each morning. Design has a great impact on the worker’s sensations, also making them feel better, thus affecting their productivity. Professional office design can help you achieve that pleasant and beautiful environment which will contribute to employee creativity.
2. Impressive environment for the visiting clients: Multiple offices are places that provide services to the customers who visit them. It is not only about creating an aesthetic environment for the customers – office design has to take into account the business’ branding and differentiation. The design has to suit the services and clients, expressing the business’ branding through itself. Offices are the hearts of any business and if you wish to obtain a reputation of a serious business, it has to be visible in their design.
3. Design that takes into account the business’ activities: Every office is engaged in a different type of work. Some support the internal procedures of the business alone, such as an accounting department. Others offer services for the customers, business advice for instance. Office design has to be aware of the procedures and different functions of the business in order do allow an efficient performance. It is not only about deciding about the right furniture at the office, but also placing it in the most effective way, that will contribute to the office performance.
Office design with Renascence Design
Whether it is a law firm, high-tech office or even a governmental office, Renascence Design specialises in developing custom solutions that answer customer’s needs within his budget. Our designs does not sacrifice functionality on the design’s account, and vice versa. We find the perfect balance and the results speak for themselves. If your employees seem tired and lack motivation, maybe what you need is a “face lift” for your office. Call us and we will be happy to prepare a custom design plan that will take your office once step forward.
Out company specialises in the following design fields:
High tech office deign
Modern office design
Smaller offices design
Office planning
Luxury office design
Law firm office design
And many more. Call us today to find out!

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