Exhibition Room Design

Many businesses maintain showrooms; it can be a automobile importer who wants to present clients the new available models, or a furniture shop owner who wants to demonstrate how his products can fit in with the house design. In other words, showrooms are made for selling the products they display – they need to present them to the customer in the most attractive way, conveying the marketing messages through the general design and not only in the products themselves. Showrooms design is an almost scientific field that takes into account consumer behaviour, product’s nature and marketing psychology. There is no place for amateurs. This field requires designers who specialise in showroom design, knowing how to market the business while using design elements to create the customer’s experience.

Maximizing the display zone

Every business operates under budget concerns, those that work by the principle of cost versus benefit. A business has limited resources which it has to exploit reasonably. In Renascence Design, we specialise in showroom design and using our experience, we assist our customer to maximise his display zone benefits. Using design tools, we turn the showroom into a customer attracting tool, which also helps them to complete the required purchasing action. Approaching a showroom design project, we learn first about the products the business is trying to sell. Every product has it’s own features and target audience. It is not just about the difference between a vehicle showroom and a furniture one – it is about business differentiation, which are the features that make a showroom to differ form an other one that allegedly sells similar products. For example, there are showrooms selling Mazda cars, while others sell Porsche; each of them has a different target audience. When dealign with showroom design, it is important to understand the differences in order to give the potential costumers a design experience which will suit the product’s image. When we have understood the product’s features and their marketing concept, we can finally start working on the design. We are using all available design means, staring from the floor tiles all the way to the lighting, all done in order to present your product at the best possible way, presenting you with an effective showroom which will use as sales and deal making platform.

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