Car Dealership Showrooms

The Israelis, as appeared in one of the economical journals, are falling behind the rest of the western world civilisation in regards of online shopping. While many customers worldwide would prefer sliding their finger on the tablet screen instead of being stuck at an afternoon traffic jam on their way to the mall, we still insist an unmediated physical contact: feeling each and every door, understanding the qualities of a material or an electrical appliance – basically sticking to the known. Apparently, with all our suspiciousness, we have not yet grasped the unbearable ease and convenience of online shopping. Buying stuff online seems to us as inefficient deed, laking the yearned for experience. A wardrobe, for example, or table and a children’s bedroom – all can be bought online (even from China!) and yet, visiting a showroom makes us feel in these cases as the right thing to do. Actually, considering the incredible showrooms nowadays, paying a visit to one of them is an aesthetic experience and is recommended not only for those who are interested in buying something. Showroom design’s purpose is not only for selling the product, it is a different shopping experience. From the very first moment you had entered the hall up until the product selection, payment and exit.
Showrooms designed by us present diverse experiences: from a car showrooms that makes us feel like million dollars, as if we paid a short visit abroad, even if all we did is buying a small vehicle, all the way to children’s room furniture showrooms – where you will leave adulthood through a time tunnel and go back to childhood. Showroom design is an entire universe which incorporates sales and unforgettable experiences. It is kind of a theme park of both business owner and our imagination. A showroom is a place where you can take the buyer to a different world. At Renascence Design we know how to bring your dream to the desired goal and grand your buyer with a different shopping experience.

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