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In observing this beautiful city, we find that the green space is not maximized. Taking a few steps up onto the Sky Walk and you are free to let yourself go.
Whether you are walking or enjoying the moving walkway, time suddenly slows down. The goal is to raise the bar for a public space and a fresh perspective, that is achieved by the Sky Walk. Strolling to free your mind and to obtain a new way of relaxation. Observing the new beauty of a hidden charm. All led by a waving girl ghost that takes you in to her city and into her stories.
By day, a relaxing walk escorted by the sounds of water falls. By night, a magical theatre of lights and musical sounds, giving our guests the opportunity to take a break from a rushed hour or just a stressful day. Fly into another perspective, of a magical city.

ארהב /USA


שנת ביצוע
אוגוסט 2017

נולום ארווס סאפיאן - פוסיליס קוויס, אקווזמן קוואזי במר מודוף. אודיפו בלאסטיק מונופץ קליר.

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Day time, looking up to the sky, a journey is waiting for me. I enter a beautiful tower and meet the waving girl that warmly welcomes me. Through her greeting I learn about the city and its legends. I buy a ticket, and take the elevator up to the Sky Walk.
I start walking and clearing my head, the gardens I go through, sing with water fall sounds. Using the sky walk app gives me a new perspective and new appreciation to the presence I am experiencing. Now is a perfect time for a good coffee but my legs are a bit tired I decided to take the moving sidewalk until I reach the Sky Café.
Seeing the river from above listening to the waterfall, I felt like I was sailing into a land of dreams. Suddenly before I knew it the sun started to set as I looked around. I can't believe how it has changed its appearance. All the lights start to glow, and the city glows with stars. Gardens change into fairy tales, buildings turn into theaters and music can be heard in this true wonder land, where I find myself believing in magic again

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