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Approaching a design project we always talk of the design’s language – the language which best suits the branding of the business. This applies to all types of businesses, whether it is a gift shop or a law firm, each of them has a unique design that fits their design language. When we relate to high-tech office design, it is important to keep in mind these companies are a symbol of technological innovation, a fact that must be expressed in their office design. Moreover, high-tech employees usually are young adults, a fact that is expressed in the designing spirit of the office.


The intellectual revolution of high-tech companies


High-tech companies had revolutionized the relationship between a company and its employees. Given that during the industrial revolution, there was a fixed working ideal and the productivity was calculated per employees’ work, high-tech companies had turned the tables in regards to this approach completely. These companies were probably the first to realise it is important to encourage creativity and imagination amongst their employees, as means of enhancing their productivity. One of the means used by them was the use of design to create an inspiring and motivating workspace, which allows the employees to flourish, eventually leading to the success of the whole company. High-tech companies have been ever showing receptivity and ways of thinking outside the box – things that are valid not at the design field alone. High-tech companies are a symbol of innovation, and they adopt design innovation as well. This innovation is a part of high-tech companies design language.


Designing offices according to their needs


In the high-tech sector, it is common for employees to spend long hours at their workplace. These situations may cause weariness and cause a serious harm to employees’ motivation and productivity. Allegedly these are not design related matters, but you might be surprised to hear that design can assist in these situations as well. State of the art design for high-tech offices should take in consideration the long working hours and create the employees a workspace that will allow them to relax and feel comfortable, to feel just as home, even when they are still at the office. In high-tech offices design it is common to focus on the inter-office space. Large, spacious spaces create a sense of freedom, good lighting maintains a pleasant atmosphere and helps keep the employees awake even at late night hours. Integrating seating areas at the office design, for both common and personal use, which allow employees to refresh and catch a nap at different parts of the building. The entire design structure contributes to the strengthening of impersonal relationships and to the improvement of cooperation at work. Such an environment helps to cope with the stress of demanding jobs as these. It allows to strengthen the bond between the brand and it’s employees. The working nature in high-tech companies combines moments in which programmers need to sit down and concentrate in order to write a code, but also moments when the team is brainstorming to come up with creative ideas and solutions. Approaching a high-tech office design project, one must take this into account, providing solutions for both needs: having intimate spots at the office where a programmer can sit down and concentrate, while also creating a common space for all workers to run meetings and socialize. Often we receive requests for high-tech office designs, where a relaxation, rest and even play areas are required. This is a real need at a stressful area where employees work long hours. TV and game rooms, yoga and meditation areas – those are not things we accustomed seeing in law or accounting firms, but they are certainly acceptable in high-tech office design.


A business branding tool

Design innovation as a symbol of technological innovation is one of the trademarks of high-tech office design. When this kind of design is visible in meetings and conférence rooms, it helps branding the business in the eyes of the customers. State of the art designs not only create a relaxed atmosphere for the employees, but also create an intriguing environment and an exceptionally strong positive impression on the customers. This is an additional example of the way in which creative interior design helps increasing sales.

High-Tech office design at Renascence Design

Just as high-tech companies put in great efforts of creativity while developing a product, so do we invest high levels of creativity in the design of high-tech offices. The technological innovation of high-tech companies is an inspiration to our team of designers. The design environment we create, although driven from the inspiration high-tech companies have given us, in its turn allows creativity to keep on developing at those companies.

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