Luxury Store Design

It is known to every store that an interior design work needs to be done in in. The design makes the store look pretty and cosy, differentiate it from other stores and adds to customer’s impressions. Some put into it more than others. The amount of effort put in the store’s design is not only a number known to accountants, but also visible to the costumers. A luxurious and impressive design has a big impact on the costumer. Stores which sell cheap merchandise might suffice with a low budget design, whereas stores that sell high level quality products require to have a luxury store’s design. Try to imagine the difference between a jewellery shop and a grocery store, while thinking about the image in your head, try to imagine a thousand dollar worth luxury watch on one of the shelves in the grocery store. It doesn’t feel right doesn’t it? One who intends selling luxury products cannot be content with a grocery store’s design, he has to have a luxury store design.

Relations of price and design

We always tell our client ‘design of a luxury store is not an expense – it is an investment’. The previous example of a grocery store vs jewellery shop proves us there is a direct connection between a product’s pricing and the store’s design. Simply put, a shopper’s psychology refuses to to accept an expensive product price at a place which design yells “cheap”. Look at it form a different angle – luxury store design allows you to ask for a higher price to the products you sell at your store.

From shops design to luxury store design

At past times, when we were thinking about opening a shop, most of our thought was given to the type of products that will be sold in it. Shop’s design was driven mainly form technical needs, such as movables or accessories used for presenting the merchandise. As time went by, there has been an increase of awareness of the design aspects, alongside with the acknowledgement that design sells. The design is a promotion tool, not on the technical level alone – but also on the psychological level. Design speaks to the costumer’s hearts and subconsciousness through their eyes (and sometimes other senses as well). It creates emotions and sensations and if you use it wisely, it can help you to brand your store and promote its sales. Our currant knowledge level in the design field allows us to use it in advanced ways. With the help of the design we are able to distinguish shops from luxury stores. The keyword in luxury store design is the user’s experience – it has to be a total experience, activating all of the senses. To achieve that you need to broaden your imagination, integrate the right lighting to create the strongest impression. We believe luxury store design has to express the business’ story, acting as sort of a business card. Your personal story is a story of a shop which sells unique products, for unique people. People who appreciate quality and are willing to pay for it.

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