Interior design

Interior design

Interior design

Interior design – art or vocation?

Interior design is a field born out of architecture, but unlike an architect who deals with all of building’s aspects, interior designers has to do only with the internal spaces at the building. From a professional point of view, interior design takes into account all personal needs of the building’s inhabitants – any kind of building. It can be a private house, a public building or any other thing. The interior designer has to consider the purpose of the building and it’s use, for example – if it is a private house, the family members’ needs have to be taken into account and plan the design in the best way will serve their needs.

Technical needs vs. design needs

When designing the interiors of a private house, all it’s details have to fit the needs of the inhabiting family members, which will affect the inner spaces division and the relations between them. Nonetheless, if you think it is solely a technical matter, you are completely mistaken. An interior design which relates to the technical issues alone is missing the whole point. We believe a design should consider all the aspects, including the psychological ones. There is a certain connection between the nature of a design’s environment and the feelings we experience when we are at the designed space. For example, dark colors affect on us differently than warm and joyful colors, and when objects and colors have an affect on us, they are considered as art. In Renascence Design, we see art in interior design; it doesn’t matter what project we are involved in, we always use design as a means of inspiring feelings and emotions.

The wonders of design

Interior design has a very powerful influence on the space and feelings it transmits. If it is a business’ design, a store for instance, interior design is definitely having an impact on the business success. Successful interior design attracts customers to the business, serves the business’ image objectives, ultimately improving sales. It also takes into account psychological characteristics of customer behavior and applies them in the design, so that they will both work in harmony. Interior design is not only about aesthetics – when we approach an interior design project, we first strive to understand the needs of the customer. The same applies both to private homes design and interior design for businesses. Needs may differ, but the concept of adapting the design to the needs of the place does not change.

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