Hotel Design

Hotel Design

One of the most complex design projects is hotel design. At times designers are required to design a restaurant or dining room, other times they do bedrooms or showers, public spaces, recreation facilities and more. Hotel design combines of all of them together. Modern hotels strive to provide guests with everything they may need – From gym and doing laundry to nightlife entertainment. The complex of design requirements, includes targeting different spaces for different purposes, is only the beginning of the hotel design complexity. However, the design complexity does not end there! Approaching an interior design project, such as a private home, we work with the inhabiting family and adapt the design environment to their taste and needs, but it is not the same for hotels. Hotels regularly host guests with different tastes and needs and it is crucial to provide a design solution that allows everyone to “find their spot” and feel comfortable at the hotel. The third difficulty in hotel design is the need to consider all regulations related to a big business that hosts large scale audiences – from fire department regulations to elements related to hotel infrastructure. Another particular element in hotels is the need for ongoing maintenance and cleaning work, a necessity considering the large quantities of guests visiting the hotel on a daily basis. Maintenance and cleaning fields differ from the design field. However, hotel design must take into account these needs as well, which reflects even in the selection of building materials.


Design and comfort-ability

There is a strong link between our feeling of comfort and the designed environment. Hotels might not be a home, but they have to promise their guests an intimate and pleasant hospitality experience. Hotel rooms design must obtain a character which transmits calmness and pleasantness, assisting them to feel at home. Appearance is not the only thing that plays a role in this experience – designers have to take into account all the guest’s needs, creating a supporting design which allows him to act as he wishes.


From a design challenge to a design experience

The challenges of designing a hotel does not deter us, on the contrary – we see the challenges as an opportunity to demonstrate our best talents and teamwork. Those projects are fulfilling and exiting for us in Renascence Design, and it shows in our work. We believe that in modern business concept, hotels are much more than a place to spend the night in. Hotels should take in consideration the entire guest experience in order to ensure they have a pleasant and successful stay. In order to achieve this goal, all means, including design, must be used to allow the guest to experience the best rest and entertainment.


Hotel’s character

When approaching a Hotel’s design in Renascence Design, we prefer to understand it’s character before heading to the process of planning the design. Hotels differ from each other in their character, for example there are business hotels, resort hotels, hotels targeting the whole family compared to ones for adults only, boutique hotels, concept hotels and many others. The character of the hotel expressed in many ways, but what completes it’s outer look is the design. From the design of the hotel’s entrance and the lobby, to the latest of rooms – the design must be in line with the hotel’s business concept. The design should match the hotel’s target audience and speak the same marketing language. People say that there is no second chance for a first impression; The design environment, as seen through our eyes, creates the first impression the guests will have, judging the hotel and formulating opinions about it. Hotel design must ensure that the first impression experience of the it will be a positive one. The variety of impressions guests will experience through their eyes will affect their feelings and experience of the hotel’s hospitality.


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