About Us

Osnat Bar-Noy

Interior designer, with more that 10 years of experience in the fields of interior, industrial, retail and tourism design.

I believe design means making a dream to become your reality, while putting an emphasis on creativity, innovation and novelty.

Bar-noy, owner and head designer of Renascence Design company, founded in 2010. The company specialises in the planning and designing commerce halls, hotels, luxury housing units, showrooms, shops, restaurants, bars, offices and international trade fairs.

Bar-Noy had completed an internship in a master degree of design studies in Milan, Italy, combines unique design techniques in her work:

  • Based on knowledge gained from international design styles
  • Incorporates new and original design trends
  • Create a creative match designated to customers needs.

The company's clients include: Subaru showrooms, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, Champion Motors, Frenzy, Zolla & Kloss, Orbit, Gilat Satellite Communications, Alvarion, Pfizer, Bet Shemesh Motors, ASHOT Ashkelon, Aldo chain, Schnitzel point, My Place, Helen Doron centre and many more.

You are welcome to take a look on the company’s portfolio.



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