Clinics Design

Clinics design

Clinics design

A clinic is a place where people come to get a treatment – whether it is a cosmetic one, such as laser hair removal, a medical one as in a dental clinic or any other treatment. Clients who arrive at the clinic for a treatment examine the place carefully and judge it accordingly, even if at times they don’t do it consciously. Even though they sell treatments, the clinics still run as a businesses which depend on their customers as a source of income. Clinics design, although having a different design style, still has to be driven from a perspective where everything is revolved around the patient, who is actually the client in this case.

Clinic design begins by responding to the operational requirements of the place. Generally there is a need for a waiting room, a private treatment room and a reception desk that will handle both clients and the needs of the clinic’s office. This is the practical aspect of the design. Nonetheless, in order to grant the customer the best service experience and set the clinic’s charter, you will have to use more sophisticated design tools.

Design that stimulates relaxation

Unlike stores design, here there is no need for a design which will convince the customer to buy, at least not directly. The emphasis in clinics design is to stimulate a pleasant feeling for the patient. A comfortable patient at the clinic is a patient who is more likely to cooperate with the medical procedures. For example, paying a visit to the dentist’s clinic – we all know it is not a great pleasure to go to a dentist, some of us might even have real anxieties regarding the matter. It would be a mistake to think this issue is related to the treatment procedure itself, while having nothing to do with the design. A design can help compensating the discomfort of the medical treatment. A proper design that creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere can certainly reduce the patient’s concerns and make him feel comfortable during the treatment, even while sitting in the waiting room. A patient at ease is a satisfied customer, and a satisfied customer is one who comes for following treatments or recommends the clinic to others. Here at Renascence Design we believe clinic design depends not only on the type of it’s treatments, but also has to take into account the characteristics of it’s target audience. Take a children’s clinic for instance, in this case there would be a need for the design to speak the children’s language, assisting them in feeling comfortable, while reducing the anxiety of the dreadful treatment to come. In other words, we believe a design is a part of the healing.


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